Hierba Buena

Type: Cafe
Location: Majadas, Guatemala City
Client: Corporation Merino S.A.
Completed: 2014
Size: 460 sqm
Photos: Andres Asturias

 “Saúl Bistro, Majadas Once" mines patterns, materials and textures and collects them to make a fresh tropical atmosphere. One of the biggest design decisions is that the café is open-air, with no glass, to connect the project to the pedestrian walkways. The exterior consists only of custom operable folding shutters comprised of steel panels inter-woven with dowels. It ‘skins’ the existing commercial center’s facade to create a greater impression of a unified whole when seen from all 3 free sides.

The floor is a custom-made concrete tile with a ‘random’ colorful pattern that serves as an orienting guide for people to circulate around the wood-clad core of kitchen and bathrooms and look around to find unique surprises and types of spaces and moments so hopefully they will want to come back and experience the project in a different way each time.