Playa Chomo

Playa Chomo - Site-specific Installation - May - Nov 2016 - Centro Cultural Miguel Asturias, Zone 1, Guatemala City

Playa Chomo, (meaning Connection Beach) is a temporary pavilion and the inaugural project of a self-initiated annual design-build program. Intended to generate public awareness, the project is located at the base of the Centro Cultural Miguel Asturias, a disused green area containing the national theater in the center of Guatemala City. 

The goal of the three-month design-build process is to spark awareness in reponse to the conditions of the site and initiate the first step in a long process of civic and cultural renewal. The team of international participants constructed a large colorful canopy using recycled elastic ribbons to shelter new programmed cultural events, concerts, and resting areas. An interior gravel pathway leads the public from the street to the theater grounds above.