Fabra Facade

Fabra Facade - Green Facade Design - Completed 2017 - Zone 10, Guatemala City

This residential mid-rise is situated with views of a lush, protected ravine. The location served as the inspiration for this commission to turn an otherwise unremarkable development into a “green wall”. Situated with views of a protected ravine, planting the building’s exterior with species native to its micro-climate, truly making the building of its place.

The façade consists of a low cost, low maintenance green roof system added to the exterior overhangs common to most multi-story buildings in the area. These simple “hanging gardens” on each of the nine upper floors above the podium combine to nearly two additional acres of green space, more than double the building’s footprint. The use of endemic vegetation ensures minimal watering and maintenance, and creates a natural habit for birds and other urban wildlife. Vertical concrete elements color-coded a pale blue where also added to the original structure to create privacy between units, provide shade to the interior and act as a trellis for the vegetation.