The Team


Ines Guzman Mendez

Ines's is a Costa Rican/Guatemalan Architect, she holds both a Master and Bachelor degree in Architecture from Universidad del Diseño in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Ines interests are:  Science fiction, bananas, traveling the world, and art. Her favorite Taller Ken Proyect is the t-shirt's intervention under the elevated highway in the port of Genoa.

Gregory Kahn Melitonov

Gregory holds a Masters in Architecture from Yale University School of Architecture and a Bachelors of Science in Studio Art from Skidmore College.

Gregs interests are: Architecture, edamames, riding a bicycle and Movies. His favorite Taller Ken moment was collaborating with Ben Critton to create the identity for our studio. 



Ale Calderón

Ale is a young architect currently getting her master's in Rotterdam, her interests: Traveling the world, photography and happy people
Your favorite Taller Ken Moment: Seeing Saúl Bistro Plaza Concepción finished!

Marie Ann Ferreira

Marie Ann is an Architect from Paris, currently living in San Jose, Costa Rica, her interests are wondering the city, finding and buying clothes at the right prices. Her favorite Taller Ken moment is using her bicycle to go to meetings.


Alejandra Figueroa

Alejandra's interests are her kids, magical Lake Atitlan and traveling. Her favourite Taller Ken moment is every single day of work although she holds a special place for Zona 14.


Jose Daniel Pineda

Jose is an Architect who's interests are latin dance parties, reggae, rock music skate, surf, wakeboard, motos and bikes. His favorite Taller KEN Moment is pitching a new project to a client with a quirky and fun presentation.

Heinz von Anshelm

Heinz's is an architect who's interests include, sketching, running, meditating and over all;his passion for furniture design is something he wants to explore. His favorite TK moment if coffee time with chocolate!              

Cristina Castillo

Christina is an intern at Taller KEN currently studying architecture.


Stephanie Ponsa

Stephanie is one of the first Architects at Taller Ken, her interest are, traveling the word, chihuahuas, and art. Her favorite Taller KEN moment was the making of Alessa, specially the cristal cave and the Artsy curtain.


Estefania de Ros

Estefania is an Interior Designer with a passion for product design. Her interests are traveling, chiweenies, plants, patterns and objects. Her favourite TK moment was the website photoshoot.